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Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

The Zantac Cancer Lawsuit is a legal suit filed against Zantac Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company that produces a number of prostate cancer drugs. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a former drug user who has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. The claim focuses on two main areas: that Zantac did not warn its patients of the potential for the drug to cause cancer, and that the company failed to provide adequate warnings about its potential side effects. Get more info about a law suit here. 

According to the Zantac Cancer Lawsuit, this is how the incident happened: A former drug user took zantac cancer lawsuit off prescription when he developed symptoms related to his condition. The symptoms included feeling anxious and having a low appetite. He also noticed that his urine tested positive for acetaminophen, which is a commonly prescribed medicine used to treat such ailments. After taking the medicine for a few days, he went to his doctor to get more tests done. It was then determined that he had a form of cancer called endometrial hyperplasia, or ERP in short. This type of cancer can only be removed by surgery, so this means that the patient will never live another day without taking the drug. Check out this website for more info about a law suit. 

Zantac advertised that Zantac didn't have any plans to cure cancer and suggested that it was best to just "treat the symptoms". When his condition worsened, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Upon further testing it was discovered that he had bladder cancer. According to the legal complaint, the company failed to warn him about these risks, which led to the development of bladder cancer. His family is suing the company for negligence.

This lawsuit comes at a time when there is an increasing awareness about the dangers of using unbranded medicines, or generics, as they are sometimes called. There are already several class action lawsuits in the courts regarding medical products that are alleged to have caused cancer and other health related problems. This is why many people are filing lawsuits of their own, either as individuals or as groups. These lawsuits are filed under a variety of names, such as Product Liability Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Chemical Injury, Toxic Substance Injury, and others. While many of these lawsuits are filed by consumers, some are filed by pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

In one of the class action lawsuits filed against Zantac, the claim stated that the company advertised that Zantac was "guaranteed to cause cancer". When this drug was tested in clinical labs, it did not cause cancer but caused changes in the test subjects' urine. The legal complaint also claims that Zantac's ad made it seem like the product was more than just a remedy for flatulence. The testing also showed that Zantac was ineffective in curing other symptoms, such as heartburn, diarrhea, and sore throats. The chemical composition of Zantac can also cause these problems.

In addition to the Class-Action Lawsuits, Zantac is also being sued by the State of California, who claimed that Zantac illegally used the symbol of Cervis one hundred and sixty-five times on their advertising material, which was the same shape as Cervis. Another lawsuit was filed against Zantac by the National Institute of Health. The suits that were filed all deal with improper medical practices, wrongful claims, and inadequate treatment for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Zantac was also found to be illegally using mercury when producing their product. Discover more about class action here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Class_action.

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